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Type In Image Buddy - Vsisystems.com  v.

Type In Image Buddy is a program that allows you to type in Images, It is great to file out forms and applications. Features: -Allows User to Type in Any Image -Lets user adjust the size of the type box using the arrow keys.

Steganography: Encrypt Password in Image

Use steganography and digital watermarking techniques to encrypt / encryption any file in any other file. Often used to hide data / messages in image files / photographs (JPG, BMP etc) , but this software allows you to hide any file type (jpg, bmp, txt,


Reading Buddy 2.0  v.2.0

Reading Buddy 2.0 was specifically constructed for use in the homeschool environment. It makes learning to read delightful fun for the beginning student. Based on a multidimensional approach, Reading Buddy 2.

Korea Bus Information 2.1  v.

Korea Bus Information 2.1 * 추가 및 변경 사항 1) 경기도 지역 버스 운행 정보 추가 2) 기타 오류

Image Doctor 2  v.2.1.2001

Image Doctor 2 is an all new set of powerful image-correction filters for Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, and other image editors.

3-2-1 Math Bet! Free  v.

One of the main features allows you to set how many score points you want to risk in each round. Remember that the more points you wager to win the more you can lose!

Kaleid-O-Space 2.1.1a  v.1.0

Kaleid-O-Space is a mesmerizing animated screen saver that brings you all the fascination and beauty of a real kaleidoscope, right on your PC!

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1 Client  v.4.9

About Apple Remote Desktop For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website: http://www.

Secure Image 2.1  v.2 1

Copy protect the images on your web site using image encryption and domain lock. Secure Image uses image encryption with Domain Lock to prevent direct saving, right mouse saving, direct downloading and bandwidth theft.

LinkWS Newsletter 2.1 Turbo  v.1.0

With Newsletter you have a 7 in 1 tool to send HTML formated newsletters or any kind of e-mail to your subscribers, customers or other e-mail lists you have. It is a complete software with resources to send, import, create, manage and check e-mails,

Klix 1.2.1 Build  v.293

Your most precious pictures are not lost, they're just 3 easy steps away.

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